1. couples counseling for PHPStorm and MySQL

    I have drunk the koolaid, and it is purple and orange. Swirled. Without mixing. Because magic.

    I thought JetBrains just made Eclipse knockoffs until I started watching the short AngularJS tutorials at egghead.io. Resident guru John Lindquist wields WebStorm like a syntax-highlighted scalpel, flying through line after line of auto-generated code as easily as most of us breathe. I got excited just watching. The AngularJS tutorial content is great too, but that editor. I'm fast in vim, but not that fast.

    On the other hand, WebStorm doesn't really touch my mostly-PHP day job. Enter Mathias Verraes and ...

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  2. btsync, where have you been all my life

    Well, that was easy.

    I've been using KeePass for password management for roughly five years, ish. I like that it's free, that it runs on all my devices and that it integrates with any password-protected application (not just my browser). Syncing the database to all said devices, on the other hand, has always been a minor headache. I don't want to rely on free cloud storage providers, so I substitute various incarnations of personal servers, and I sacrifice the nifty auto-syncing clients. I could run something like SparkleShare, but that seems like overkill for one lousy file ...

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