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  1. a todo list for pelican

    I'm loving Pelican. Naturally I want to change it all.


    Not that modifying the theme base.html is hard, but the process could be easily automated, so it's a good candidate for built-in functionality. Everybody uses favicons. Give Pelican a FAVICON_PATH variable in the configuration, and the engine copies the file to some constant location for themes to pick up and <link>. Easy. (Also, seriously, how awesome is my little boat? I'll tell you: pretty awesome.)


    Pelican is a static site generator, so automatically minifying CSS and JS source files seems like a no-brainer. Of ...

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    Finally. At long last. The domain is pointing where it's supposed to be pointing, the design looks the way it's supposed to look (more or less), and nginx is even rewriting what it's supposed to be rewriting. Maybe. I think. Not all the DNS is propogated yet, so we'll see. But the uncertainty won't keep me from DANCING!

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  3. deploying pelican with git

    One of the things I love about git is how easy it makes website deployment. Stick all your versions (production, development, test, yadda yadda) in different branches, push to a bare repo on the server, and set up your post-receive hook to put the right versions in the right places by checking out individual branches to different working directories. Bam, done.

    I would have set up pelican the same way, except I want to be able to make changes directly on the server. Technically, what I should have done is create the bare master repo, point the detached checkout to ...

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  4. how to walk through a door

    Let's say I am giving directions for how to leave this room. In Python, I would just say something like 'Get up and go through the door. In other languages, I might have to say something like, 'Stand up, but not with so much force that you fall over, take three steps to the north, take one step to the east, approach the door, check that it is not open, if it is not open, open it, then step through it with this amount of speed...'.

    Guido van Rossum

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  5. hello, world

    I started Early -- Took my Dog --
    And visited the Sea --
    The Mermaids in the basement
    Came out to look at me --

    And Frigates -- in the Upper Floor
    Extended Hempen Hands --
    Presuming Me to be a Mouse --
    Aground -- opon the Sands --

    But no Man moved Me -- till the Tide
    Went past my simple Shoe --
    And past my Apron -- and my Belt
    And past my Boddice -- too --

    And made as He would eat me up --
    As wholly as a Dew
    Opon a Dandelion's Sleeve --
    And then -- I started -- too --

    And He -- He followed -- close behind --
    I felt His Silver Heel
    Opon ...

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